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Our Approach


As a client, partner or investor you will find us approachable, attentive, caring, efficient and reliable. We are committed to providing the highest standards of expertise at all levels of the business in order to achieve the best results. Our workplaces are welcoming and creative, while also professional and diligent.


At Himam, we pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking company. Since the business was founded, 16 years ago, we have built our reputation on regeneration, by acquiring sites in areas where there was little or no development – but great potential. As a result of our forward-looking site acquisition and judicious identification of areas with outstanding possibilities, our investors have shared in our good fortune and experienced huge capital growth.

Today we continue to implement innovative, new products, offers, and solutions that enhance the returns for our joint venture partners and the buying experience for our clients.

Our workplace is a collaborative environment which encourages ideas, innovation and discussion. Himam people are dynamic, committed and creative. We are always willing to talk with and learn from our customers with whom we are happy to share our specialist property knowledge, something they consistently find to be of great benefit.


We aim to build loyal, long-term relationships with our partners, whether they be an experienced property investor, first time buyer, funder or employee, and at every level Himam possesses the expertise to help.

We aim to exceed our own and our clients expectations.

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